American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan

Even though we do all the emailing and / or mailing for our associates, some associates want brochures to use when telling families about our services. If you need brochures for events, such as a senior fair, we will send you a pdf file that you can print out on your own.  THE BROCHURES IN PDF FORMAT ARE FULLY PRINTABLE, COPYRIGHTED, AND CANNOT BE ALTERED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. ASSOCIATES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EMAIL BROCHURES.  ASSOCIATES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEND UNSOLICITED EMAILS TO ANY POTENTIAL MEMBER OR ASSOCIATE.  We are very careful to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Our first and only email to potential members and associates is sent with verbal permission from the Associate who does the Tag. As a businesss, we do not send out unsolicited emails.  Neither do we allow our Associates to send unsolicited emails.


We want our Associates to strictly concentrate on Tagging.  There is no reason to put any pressure on anyone to purchase the membership or the business opportunity. If a family desires to purchase the Membership and the Business Opportunity, we want them to do so because they feel that is best for their family.   Associates do not have to pressure their friends and family to make purchases. In fact, as an AFPP member, most of your family is already covered by the plan.


Every time a person, who you tagged as an associate, uses our services, you get the perpetual income.  Some families have used our services four times in the past 20 years. If they later buy the membership or the business opportunity, you get the full commission.  There is no hurry.  Don't quit your day job but don't quit tagging either.   In the long term, we will all benefit.   


As an Associate, if you desire printable pdf brochures, we will email them to you so you can print them but it is not necessary. Call us a 281-357-0195 if you desire the brochures. 



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