American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan

Three Simple to Understand Plans are Available to All Families

20% Savings Plan

At Death or Near Death Help.


Initial Consultation is Free.


Our fee is 20 percent of what we save your family, after you actually save the money. We prove it to you with detailed computer spreadsheets, columnar charts, maps, photos and other tools so you can actually visualize all your options. 


You are guaranteed to save a minimum of $2500. 



No up-front membership fee.


This is crisis consulting with  

immediate help 24 /7.


The 20% plan has been our main operation for years because most of our clients have historically heard of our wonderful service at the time of death.  Families are relieved to find us especially after they received the initial costs from funeral homes and cemeteries.  Families love our service.


15% Savings Plan

Initial Consultation is Free.


Before death and not imminent death. We can help your family during normal business hours.  We both have more time to make decisions with less stress.


Our fee is reduced to 15% of the money we save you.  After you receive our detail analysis and recommendations, if you pay our consulting fee in a timely manner, our fee is 15% of savings.   If you wait to pay our fee until later, it reverts to the 20 percent of savings rate. 


You are guaranteed to save    a minimum of $2, 500.  



No up-front membership fee.



10% Savings Plan

Best Value.

Life-Time Membership is $250.

The best $250 you will ever spend.


Initial Consultation is Free.


The savings rate is only 10 % even at the time of death.  The membership covers everyone in your immediate family from great grandparents to great grand children. It does not cover brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Must be in the direct line from great grandparents to great grandchildren.


You are guaranteed to save a minimum of  $2,500.


 The initial membership fee will pay for itself the first time you use our service. Families use us repeatedly.


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