American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan
American Family Protection Plan

Sign up Procedures for the American Family Protection Plan:


1.  Sign up by telephone: Call 281-357-0195.


2.  Sign up via email, contact us at


3. If you desire to sign up via regular mail, mail payment to the American Family Protection Plan, 8819 Sedgemoor Drive, Tomball, TX 77375-5101.


We accept credit cards, check, money order, cashiers check, or direct deposit into a special secure account.  For at the time of death situations, the consulting fee can be placed on an insurance assignment. 



For Cemetery Cooperative purchases from selling families, we will require the purchaser to deposit a cashier's check in a specific bank account and confirmed by the teller by email or fax and telephone with a copy of the deposit slip.  Once done, you will shortly receive a record of purchase for the specific cemetery property you desire to purchase.  Then the seller will be contacted to make the transfer.  When done, you will go to the cemetery to sign the transfer paperwork.  Your funds will not be released to the seller until each party has completed their transaction responsibilities at the transferring cemetery. 


Our clients have never lost money on cemetery property transfers. Your money is secure. Check us out with the Houston Better Business Bureau.


The reason we require cashier's check deposited into the account is that if for any reason the deal does not go through, we can get you an immediate refund so your money is not tied up if you must purchase directly from the cemetery instead of a selling family.


The Cemetery Cooperative has been in business for over 20 years and is part of Funeral Negotiators. 


Questions?  Give us a call at 281-357-0195.

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